Business Strategy Consulting

Facilitation for Defining and Managing Business Strategy
Creating and Managing Your Business Strategy Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.
Creating a clear strategy can feel difficult. Aligning your teams to that strategy can be even harder. What direction should we take the business? What do we need to be good at to succeed? How do we create the foundation to get us to the next level?
Our Business Strategy Consulting helps you set your business on the right course to win.

Facilitating the Playing to Win Framework for Business Strategy

Playing to Win is a proven system for defining and managing your business strategy and the teams that support it.

Business Strategy Definition

What is the ideal future for your business? We help you identify the right customers, how to attract them, the capabilities needed to get there, and the systems you need to stay on track to that future state.

Agile Strategic Management

The competitive environment constantly shifts around your business. Regular review of your strategy ensures that your business is always ready to take advantage of new opportunities and prepare for challenges on the horizon.

Strategic Alignment

Business strategy isn’t just for executives – it’s for every team in your company. Sales, marketing, IT, product development, and operations benefit from a strategy of their own that directly supports the overall business strategy while taking advantage of their unique strengths.

Is Adnova Group’s Business Strategy Consulting Right for Your Business?

Sales and marketing efforts are underproducing compared to the competition

Difficulty differentiating and standing out from the rest of the competition

Customer satisfaction is trending the wrong direction

Employees don't understand the mission and future vision of the business

How It Works

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We use the time to learn about your business, customers, competition, industry, and goals for the future.


Choose a Business Strategy Consulting Plan

Adnova Group offers strategy facilitation sessions as well as ongoing coaching on a flexible retainer basis.

We Remove the Guesswork

Adnova Group charges a flat fee based on your needs, so you always know the ROI.

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