Sales Operations Consulting

Turning Sales Teams Into High Performance Organizations
Unlocking the Power of Agile Sales For Your Business.

Keeping your sales team running on all cylinders is one of the hardest challenges in your business. Who should our sales representatives call? Which customers are the most likely to buy? What can we do to keep existing customers loyal? How do we track our performance?

Our experience in agile sales operations management will help you unlock the best performance of your sales team.

Sales Strategy Definition and Management

We bring the effectiveness of the Playing to Win strategic framework to your sales organization. Define a sales strategy that supports the overall business and aligns your sales team to your strategic goals.

Sales Process Optimization

Remove the obstacles that stand in the way of closing deals and retaining devoted customers. Show sales operations how to automate tasks so that your team can do what they do best: sell.

Sales Performance Management

Identify the right leads to focus your sales campaigns on and the key customers that drive sales success. Have all the data you need at a glance to ensure your team hits quotas and strategic goals.

Agile Sales Transformation

Transform your team into an agile organization, ready to pivot to where the opportunities are and defend against competitive threats. Your sales team will always be ready to fish in the right pond.

Is Adnova Group’s Sales Operations Consulting Right for Your Sales Team?

Roadblocks forcing sales staff to work on tasks that keep them away from building customer relationships

Sales efforts that feel disconnected from the rest of your business

Lead generation that never feels focused on the right groups of prospects

Difficulty getting the information you need - when you need it - to make decisions and meet sales goals

How It Works

Schedule a Call

We use the time to learn about your business, users, customers, sales team, processes, and goals for the future.


Create a Plan For Agile Sales Transformation

Adnova Group works with your team to create a success plan for turning your sales team into a high-performance organization.

We Remove the Guesswork

Adnova Group charges a flat fee based on your needs, so you always know the ROI.   We run the transformation plan like a project, including timelines, milestones, and key performance goals.  

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