Scrum Coaching and Project Management

Guide Your Scrum Teams to High Performance
Scrum Coaches and Embedded ScrumMasters for Your Scrum Teams

Many companies using an agile methodology of project management like Scrum find the transition from “doing agile” to actually being agile challenging. Our experienced agile coaches reduce the time and cost of adopting Scrum while improving project delivery times and quality.

Our traditional Scrum coaching guides your teams to successfully adopting agile in your organization. Our coaches can also serve as Scrum Masters for your teams, providing leadership that accelerates agile adoption and covers skill gaps while training your teams to run as a self-organizing unit.

Private Scrum Training Courses

Our Certified ScrumMasters, Project Management Professionals (PMPs), and SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs) hold Scrum training courses for your business – ensuring that team members are aligned with both Scrum and your agile transformation strategy. Certification courses are available for Scrum Masters learning the Scaled Agile Framework.

Scrum Implementation Coaching

Certified ScrumMasters, PMPs, and SPCs work hands-on with your agile teams, program teams, operations, and leadership to teach the fundamentals of Scrum and develop self-organizing teams.

Contract Embedded ScrumMasters

Adnova Group Certified ScrumMasters can bridge skill gaps on your team, accelerating Scrum adoption while reducing the time and cost of improving delivery reliability and quality.

Certified Scrum Master
Certified Project Management Professional
Scaled Agile Framework Certified Program Consultant

Are Adnova Group’s Scrum Coaching and Embedded ScrumMasters Right for Team?

Difficulty meeting customer commitments of when products, features, services, and value will be delivered to customers

Lack of consistency in the delivery of products, features, and services to customers

Little to no visibility into what work is being done, and when that work will be completed

Unable to shift priorities quickly to take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risks

How It Works

Schedule a Call

We use the time to learn about your business, users, customers,  teams, processes, and goals for the future.


Create a Plan For Agile Transformation

Adnova Group works with your team to create a success plan for achieving high performance with Scrum within your organization.

We Remove the Guesswork

Adnova Group charges a flat fee based on your needs, so you always know the ROI.   We run the transformation plan like a project, including timelines, milestones, and key performance goals.  

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