Countless companies consider the decision to outsource a CRM administrator. Truthfully, most businesses are often skeptical about outsourcing CRM administrator roles because of its impact on sales operations. However, the vast majority of companies are already completely comfortable when it comes to using an outside company like Salesforce to create and host their CRM, a mission-critical system for sales organizations. Gone are the days of hiring an in-house developer to create and manage a custom bespoke CRM – the trend of using cloud-hosted CRMs, including Salesforce and HubSpot, has increased over the years.  

The CRM administrator is a critical role that drives sales productivity and efficiency. CRM administrators manage and maintain the CRM system, ensuring that it meets the needs of the company and its users. Additionally, the CRM administrator is often the primary role responsible for training staff on using the CRM.  

Suppose you are weighing the advantages of hiring a CRM consultant for help with CRM administration. In that case, read on to gain insight into the value an outsourced CRM administrator can provide. 

Outsourced CRM Administrators Significantly Reduce Operating Costs 

Full-time CRM administrators are in high demand in the job market. Contract CRM administrators, however, are easier to engage quickly. Many vendors that offer CRM administration services, like Adnova Group, can also scale rapidly to meet the growing needs of a sales team or cover the demands of seasonal fluctuations.  

Trained, certified, experienced administrators are becoming harder to find and even more expensive to hire. In comparison, hiring an outside CRM administration service is often less costly when factoring in onboarding, taxes, and benefits. 

The expertise provided by a CRM administration consultant helps sales learn how to make effective use of your CRM. That same experience allows an outside CRM administrator to identify opportunities to automate and streamline the CRM system quickly. Outsourced CRM administrators save money, save time, and increase your sales and marketing teams’ productivity.  

Contract CRM Administrators Optimize Sales Processes 

Experienced CRM administration consultants remove CRM roadblocks that slow down sales processes and keep salespeople away from building relationships. CRM consultants are certified experts in getting the most out of a CRM system. They can customize screen layouts, workflow, sales pipeline automation, and more, making your CRM work for your business.

The result is a high-performance sales force that uses the CRM to accelerate the sales pipeline instead of fighting against the CRM and slowing the pipeline down. 

CRM Administrators Reduce Business Risk 

An experienced CRM administration consultant understands the critical nature of the CRM. This vital system houses detailed customer information, contact lists, communication history, price books, financial results, marketing plans, field operations status, support cases, competitive data, and more.  

Because of the immense value contained in the CRM and the mission-critical role it plays, contract CRM administrators are specially trained and certified. CRM administrators are responsible for keeping that data safe, secure, and only available to the people that need the information. Locking down authentication, provisioning mobile access, and tailoring visible information to the role of the person viewing it are just some of the risk-mitigating actions that are part of a CRM administrator’s daily routine. CRM administration consultants also ensure business continuity through disaster recovery planning and satisfying regulatory audit requirements. 

An outsourced CRM administrator gives your business fresh eyes on how your CRM system holds up in the ever-changing landscape of security and availability. 

CRM Administration Consultants Increase Competitive Advantage 

An outsourced CRM consultant does more than secure your data. CRM administrators unlock the value that data holds. CRM administrators can create dashboards, giving your leadership and sales teams at-a-glance performance information. Reports and data visualization from the CRM gives your organization the information it needs to make proactive decisions to Relentlessly Improve on sales results, customer trends, support issues, process bottlenecks, and more.  

Contract CRM administrators work with companies to create customer support portals, field dispatch tools, and marketing automation solutions. CRM administrators can integrate your CRM with finance tools, communication tools, inventory systems, and sales intelligence services, improving the flow of data in your company.  

CRM administration services ensure that your business’ CRM system is managed, maintained, secured, and used to drive high sales performance. Outsourced CRM administration services scale to meet your needs with certified, highly skilled consultants that use their experience to create a massive impact on your organization. Choosing to outsource your CRM administration can drastically improve the ROI from both your CRM and the cost of administrating it.